Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Official Voltron Christmas card for World Events Productions!

Voltron Christmas and World Events Productions official Christmas card!
Hey everyone! Look at what I got to do! The official Christmas card for
World Events Productions! It was a fun project and Voltron finally makes
a cameo in my art ^_^
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Cheers and Merry Christmas!
Voltron from the 80's cartoon

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Princess Allura

Princess Allura created in Painter12
Hey everybody! So I finally finished my Voltron portraits. These definitely were a challenge to do, but I'm so glad I did it. I wanted this piece in particular to be the cornerstone for the series so I saved it for last. I always had in mind to add the space mice too, 4 of em' at the beginning. It was almost too distracting so I kept it to the 3 blue ones. Other details like the badge/key and belt buckle were added to keep the 80's design. I almost streamlined the pilot suit to be more updated, but I came to my senses and only designed how her outfit was stitched together. There isn't anything wrong with the old design. 80's rock IMO.
     So for anyone wanting to know my process on this painting, I started in a monotone tan over 80%ish black background. I then figured out which colors I wanted, to keep it themed for the princess. Only after I rendered all of the shapes to read well did I start to detail things such as textures, the minor dents and scratches in her apparel, and her hair. I always do the hair last since its so time consuming to redo if something needs fixed. Once I was done I did some contrast adjustments to most of the body. And here is the finished piece.
     I hope you all enjoy the portraits. Please visit my Gallery over at DeviantArt and friend me at FaceBook so you'll catch anything i might be sharing there too.

Cheers, and thanks again for checking out my Voltron paintings!
God bless

Edit: Thanks everyone! Your kind words mean alot to me. I just recently had an interview with PoseManikin. Check it out!
Princess Allura from 80's Voltron cartoon

Thursday, April 11, 2013

SnowWhite Sketch

Sketch of SnowWhite
Hey everybody! Right now I'm working out ideas in my head and on paper of how a new SnowWhite could look. I'm inspired by Yoshitaka Amano so expect alot of that in the costume/clothes. I did this simple sketch in ballpoint pen and then added some pastel colors with Painter12.
     Not much to say, but I wanted to share what one of my sketches look like. Not at all like my paintings, but its much faster this way to get the ideas out of my head.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keith and Black Lion

Keith and Black Lion in Painter12
Hey everybody! Here is the portrait of Keith and Black Lion. I was very happy to finally get to this piece. This painting has the Black Lion, a red leather jacket, and a super mullet.
     Of course, while painting this I was thinking of a good cover of a video game. I kept thinking back to the old NES games like Golgo 13 and Xenophobe. So I wanted to make Keith the hero with a gun with his 'faithful' Black Lion creeping in the shadows (i know, i know he's supposed to pilot it).
     I wanted to redesign Keith's jacket too. It seemed a bit like a windbreaker jacket, so I made it a red leather jacket similar to a motorcycle jacket I wear (i own a Kawasaki Meanstreak). I have been trying to pay more attention to details and edges which really make a fabric and textile seem believable. Also I think I am getting the hang of hands. Short hatching with a chalk brush works best, and redefining the lighting with charcoal helps to unify the overall shape. Throughout the entire painting, I kept an eye on Hard, Soft and Lost edges as well.
   Done in Painter12.

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After I paint princess Allura, I'm celebrating with a Guinness and 18 year old Glenlivet. Maybe twice.
God Bless and cheers

Keith from 80's Voltron cartoon

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sven and Blue Lion

Sven and Blue Lion in Painter12
Hey everybody! Well I haven't posted in a while because there was hope that the remaining Voltron portraits could be used in official trading cards. It didn't quite work out, so I'm sharing them here.
This painting was a bit of a pain because I was hoping to make it more of a combat piece. In addition I was really trying to make the characters seem a bit more personal by showing off their culture a bit. Sven is from Norway/Sweden so I added some stitching designs to show this. The blood was more of a spur of the moment idea that I did in homage of his death while fighting Haggar the witch. In the U.S. version, Sven was only too badly injured to pilot the Blue Lion. Hence, Princess Allura being its new pilot.
Done in Painter12.
Enjoy and Cheers!

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Sven from the 80's Voltron cartoon

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pidge and Green Lion

Pidge and Green Lion in Painter12

Hey everybody! So here is the next Voltron character that I finished! I know Pidge is a bit nerdy, so I played on that theme and really tried to add to that stereo type. I had to paint the face first and then paint the glasses second so the lenses would look like glass. Also after the lion was painted I added the green atmosphere to mute its presence. I wanted Pidge to remain the primary focus of the painting.
This painting also started just as the painting of Lance did; I did a Color and Value thumbnail of what I wanted to have finished. Then I simply refined, painted textures, and added details. That sounds simple enough, but it takes time and patience. In many ways I wanted to keep detailing this painting, but I have more work waiting to be done. So here's Pidge and Green Lion ^_^

Pidge from the Voltron cartoon
God Bless and cheers!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lance and Red Lion

Lance and Red Lion in Painter12
Hey everybody! I know its been some time since I updated my blog, but here's something! I spent some time thinking about how the last painting I did of the yellow lion pilot looked a bit boring.... I was looking at it and thought if I saw that on a video game or movie cover I wouldn't think its entertainment value would be too high. I figure I should really bring the epic feel to the heros even though it might be dark. Sometimes going through dark times can help define who we are and handle our problems, so it doesn't really defame a hero to be caught up in that moment, right? (Besides that, I was watching alot of Silent Hill and Resident Evil walkthroughs during my studio hours.)
Anyway to help really push color, I also stopped painting in my gray scale style completely and simply did color thumbnails without my wacom tablet of what looked good from far away. I actually used my fingers on my Apple track pad. I was on vacation near Seattle and didn't plan on working on Voltron stuff, but I found time and did what I could. I'm pretty happy that I didnt have my Wacom because it forced me to work on only the core of the painting. Once back in the midwest I started to really develop the painting into what we see here. I figure not everything has to have that crisp look and sometimes a raw feeling can be used for visual interest. Hard edges, soft edges, and lost edges are all things I tried to remember as I painted this.
I hope you all enjoy how these are all going to look. I'm really trying to make these into memorable paintings!
Lance from Voltron cartoon
God bless and cheers!