Saturday, December 13, 2014

Soarbon revised

After looking at my last post of Soarbon yesterday, I decided not to add pointy ears and horns. That wasn't working too well. I was trying to establish an iconic look for him. Something anyone could sketch down and people could still recognize him. So I left his burial wraps on him to help define who he is, but he isn't a vampire.. he's something else. Stick around and see him painted next week.
Thanks for viewing.


So I missed posting this yesterday for my Monster Friday, but I did post it on FaceBook. I definitely try to post there more than other places. Friend me ^_^
So I am finally getting my IP put together and I figure using Fridays to develop a sketch and the next to paint would be better. This is to make sure I'm getting my stuff done too. I will continue to paint the Silverhawks until they are done, and then I will put more time into this IP I'm creating. I will share what's its called once I have enough put out for people to see. But for now this is Soarbon. He has dark hair and dark wings, and wears mostly grays. He could still be a pivotal character at this point, I dunno. I still have to design a visual element for him that makes him recognizable at a distance. And could be sketched on paper so anyone would know who it is. I may ditch the pointed ears too. Not a fan of them but I have a reason for them.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Hey everybody so here is #Steelheart of the 80s cartoon Silverhawks! I'm hoping the rest of the hawks will go easily as I'm back on em'. There is only Mon*Star and Quicksilver left to paint. I have been experimenting with some new painting techniques and I think it will help to make these last two more epic than when I started painting the #Silverhawks months ago. I'm hoping you enjoy em.