Friday, August 14, 2015

DBMIER LED Light Pad Review

Hey everybody! So today I have the privilege to share a product review with you! DBMier reached out to me and asked if I could review their product and share it with you all!
If you have ever used a light table or light box this product should be of interest to you. Unlike the clunky light boxes built of wood, it is a very slim tablet. And it is just as bright as a light table and easy on the eyes. It puts off almost no heat except at the top and bottom edge of the device. It also has 3 brightness settings with just a touch of the single power button. Touching it a 4th time turns it off. After a couple hours of use it seems durable enough to press firmly against when drawing. The only Con with the product is just the cord. You'll need to be very near an electrical outlet because the cord is fairly short and slightly loose once plugged into the device. I just like a long cord, and expect a firm seat when plugging things in.
The DBMier LED light pad comes in 3 sizes on Amazon, A4, A3 and A2. If you are a professional comic illustrator as an example I can see the need for the largest DBMier A2 light pad. I myself only need an A4 size light pad to redraw my rough thumbnail sketches.
Here I have an example to show ya. After I’ve enlarged my sketch on a scanner and printed it, I take the bigger copy and trace over it using the light pad. I use the medium brightness so I can still see my new lines on the clean sheet of paper. Once that is done I clean up my new line work so it doesn’t look traced. And presto! A bigger picture that can go to the inking stage and so forth, or now being nice and tight can be scanned again for digital painting.
Overall I have to say that this DBMier LED light pad is super convenient to keep around in the studio, and of course is pretty cool to use ^_^
Oh yeah, when I sketch I've made a habit of holding my paper up backwards to a window or lightbulb to catch any mistakes, and now I can lay my paper backwards on the DBMier LED light pad to do that too! Another bonus!

Thank you DBMIER for a great product!


DBMIER LED Light Pad in box
protective clear cover 
DBMIER LED Light Pad A4 
short cord 
plug is a little loose
my rough manga sketch
enlarged and ready to trace
tracing 01
tracing 02
tracing 03
tracing 04
tracing 05
tracing 06
done tracing
line work all cleaned up