Monday, October 24, 2016

Doctor Who, the 12th Doctor, issue 3.1

Hey everyone, here is a Peter Capaldi cover I created for Titan comics. It is of course for Doctor Who, the 12th Doctor Adventures, year three.
I could've painted him in his white shirt and burgundy velvet jacket, but I personally feel that the velvet jacket is a homage to the flair of the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. So I chose the black hooded sweatshirt and wool navy jacket we see here. Its definitely Peter defining the new look of the 12th Doctor. Its a bit eclectic, a bit thrown together, as though he were being thrifty. Its a style I wouldn't have thought any Doctor would portray, but it works and I like it!
On sale 15th March, 2017

Josh Burns

Monday, October 10, 2016

Grimm Fairy Tales, issue 1E

Hey everyone, here's another cover I was able to paint for Zenescope Entertainment. They are relaunching their Grimm Fairy Tales comic and asked that I paint Samantha Darren, a witch champion. Here she is in her everyday clothes, a redesign from how she used to look. Although her superhero costume might have been changed up as well. We will see!
In her pose here she is using her magic to get into action. I don't know how magic works, who does right? But I paint magic in a way that draws energy out of everything around it to manifest, disrupting nature and so forth. As Samantha focuses her magics into her hands and fingertips, it is defying gravity a bit lifting her soft blonde hair as well.

Look out for Zenescope Entertainment's relaunch of Grimm Fairy Tales, issue 1E! 
Estimated to be in shops:
Dec 14th, 2016

Josh Burns

Monday, September 26, 2016

Triggerman, issue 3

Hey everyone, here is another cover I painted for Titan comics. This one is for a Hard Case Crime comic called Triggerman, a gritty 1930's gangster story. 
So I have never done a detective crime painting, and I wanted that old detective noir feel for this. Like the stuff on 80's and 90's TV when the investigator had to go on foot into a lot of places to solve his/her case. I like my layout and colors that create the overall mood in this scene. And I thought the cast shadows and gritty feel were needed to push the drama as well. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The story here is the man with the gun, Roy, goes to the Siesta Motor Court to find his girlfriend, Lena, only to find Lena's room mate, another beautiful girl, in the bathtub; and they exchange words. She isn't too happy to be caught in this vulnerable state.

Josh Burns

Doctor Who, the 10th Doctor issue 3.1

Hey everyone, here is another cover I created for Titan comics. Its for Doctor Who, the 10th Doctor Adventures, year three.
It has been nice to able to create covers for the Doctor Who comic series. The TV series I have known and enjoyed since I was a kid, so this is truly an honor to be able to be a part of this. 
Its always fun to create a cover for the doctor. I have been trying to show his eminence on each cover. I try to avoid action poses for #1 covers since I have always thought #2 and on represent that. So here is David Tennant, suit and tie, with trench coat. I really wanted to have his sneakers included in the painting, but I just couldn't really work out an idea for that. 

Anyway I hope everyone likes the painting.
The above image is what I submitted, and the lower image is edited by Titan for publication.

Josh Burns

The Chimera Brigade issue 2

Hey everyone, here's another cover I created for Titan Comics. This one was for The Chimera Brigade, issue 2. The character is an evil scientist named Eisenstein. From what I learned he is 1/4 Hitler. So what I tried to create was a sense of evil, casting half his face in shadows to help showcase his glowing eye when he uses his psychic powers. I kept the background simple. Since I didn't really have the time to get too in depth there, I used imagery from black contrails of WWII fighter airplanes. I think over all it turned out well at this stage. 

Titan did request changes to move the character down so the title wouldn't cover too much of him. Np. Also they requested that his eye to have more of a lightning feel so that it didn't look too cybernetic/robotic. Personally I feel it hurt the evil feeling of the villain just a bit, but the lightning still looks exciting. I thought it was good to go, I thought. Apparently down the pipe someone wanted another change..

I was surprised to see the cover altered further via Previews. Another person did some editing adding all of those words and flames. Meh :(
I wish I had be given the chance to revise it myself, even reworking it.

I hope you like the glare of sinister evil nonetheless. Muwahahaha!

Josh Burns

Monday, August 29, 2016

Red Agent Human Order 1C

Hey everybody! Another comic cover for Zenescope Entertainment.. With their design of Red Riding Hood, I was hoping to evoke that sneaking feeling. And then she reveals herself with you subdued. 
I also hope you are enjoying the painterly feel I'm working into my stuff lately. I know its refreshing for me at least.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Doctor Who for Titan, the 11th Doctor

Hey everybody! I was able to paint the cover for Doctor Who, The Eleventh Doctor Adventures Year Three, issue 1A for Titan Comics! 
Previously I painted Jon Pertwee the 3rd Doctor and now here is Matt Smith the 11th incarnation of the Doctor.
Soon I'll also have something to share about the 10th Doctor portrayed by David Tennant. 
Painted in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. I wanted to have the backgrounds which reflect the portrayal of the Doctor. In this case clouds with a bit of lightning. I thought it would be cool if he had his collar popped with a smirk to show his confidence as well. If I get a chance to paint Matt Smith in his more dapper purplish suit, I will have the lava explosions behind him, ^_^ maybe with a fez on his head too!

Available for preorder, out in shops 14th Dec 2016!

Josh Burns

Monday, June 27, 2016

Vikings: Uprising! 1E

Hey everyone! I had the chance to do another cover for Titan Comics, licensed by the History Channel / MGM. Vikings: Uprising! 1E.
This was a really fun one that I didn't want to pass up. I really like the vikings in general and the primal way of survival. 
This project had a short deadline I had to meet, so I worked through that weekend to make it. I focused on the portrait and mood most of all. The lighting played a big part in that. I wanted Ragnar to have that jaded and hardbitten look. "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown", as Shakespeare has said. Also I wanted Ragnar to have his sword of kings.

The comic will be available Sept. 14th, or retailers can order from the July edition of Diamond.

Thank you titan-comics and editor Neil Edwards.

Josh Burns

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Doctor Who for Titan, the 3rd Doctor

Hey everyone! I'm happy to say that I had the opportunity to paint the Third Doctor Who for Titan Comics issue 1! 
     I have to say I was a bit in awe I was able to be a part of Doctor Who's history. I remember watching it on TV as a kid, and now I find myself painting covers for the comics!
     Of course I really wanted the Doctor's pose to be indicative of Jon Pertwee, the actor who portrayed the character as an eccentric gadget scientist. He liked to strike dramatic glares while using his hands to usher in your returning gaze. I thought it would be fun to use that idea as he reveals his sonic screwdriver.
     I also wanted to have the Police Box flying through time space with the feeling that it is in flux while traveling.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Poison Ivy

Hey everybody! Here is the 2nd painting of the Batman series I'm doing. She is Poison Ivy! 
I wanted my spin on this iconic character without changing her too much from what us DC fans love already. I settled on the cloak which resembles long flower petals. And I also added elements from the 1997 Batman movie that featured Uma Thurman with dual hair buns.
Extra Note: 
There was a man-eating plant in the background through most of the painting but I felt it distracted from the character the whole time. So I painted a tree over it to just fix that bothersome detail. I almost painted her petting the plant, but that too was too much distraction for me.
I hope you all like these DC Comic characters so far! 

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cat Woman Steps

Step by Step of Cat Woman. I did a couple changes throughout. That happens on personal work ^^ I'm not sure detailed descriptions are really needed, since I believe everyone has to invent their own way to paint. But maybe with step-by-step's, someone can get an idea to move through their process better. Its how I learn anyway. If anyone has questions, just comment below or anywhere you can find me on the left side of my Blogger here <--

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Cat Woman

Hey everybody! Here is a painting of Cat
Woman I created in photoshop and painter!

I am interested in painting a series of some of the Batman characters, so I started with Cat Woman. I have made sketches for painting Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bat Girl, and Batman. I'm not sure how I am going to find time to make these, but I want to try at least. 
I'll post a step-by-step later of this character and you'll see the initial idea being developed into the final painting. Maybe it will help someone ^_^
My Cat Woman went through a couple of changes. I kind of feel like the modern cat burglar with goggles and black hood is so far away from the original TV Julie Newmar version that I first saw when I was younger. The 1966 Batman series seems so much more innocent then, and more fun. So I tried to bring back that light-heartedness. 
Anyway, at the tail end of this one I did decide to add her black kitty, Isis. And the shadow of Batman waiting for her.
Also I am including a rotated version of this painting for you all to see too. 
It was hard for me to paint an upside down character so I had to rotate this image constantly to make it come together. Somethings look better upside down so its kind of neat to have em' both by each other.

If you are a DC Comics fan please feel free to share this painting with other fans!
Thanks for everyone's support!

Josh Burns

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Présences d'Esprits featuring my Elric painting!

Hey everybody! I had the privilege and honor to be interviewed by Présences d'Esprits a couple months ago, a non-profit association for the development of sci-fi in France.
I'm so happy to be a part of this because my painting of Elric is also being featured on the cover of their zine covering one of my favorite authors Michael Moorcock!
I'm allowed to share now, but I'm not sure when it'll post this year. Anyhow, check out their site

This treasure below is the paperback version (size A4) they sent to me from France!

(the interview inside, in English below)

Présences d'Esprits: Thank you for your beautiful Elric, Josh. Can you tell about yourself ? 
Josh Burns: I’m glad to share my painting of Elric with you, and thank you for talking with me today. Well, about me, I’m a digital painter and somewhat of an entrepreneur. I live in the Midwest United States right now, in Indiana. I’m married to my great wife Allie, aka Posemanikin, and we have two cats named EQ and Nik. 
PdE: Did you study arts in a school ? 
JB: Yes, I actually started my degree in fine arts, but later changed it to graphic design. I wish I would have stayed in the fine arts because I think I’m a traditional painter in my heart. 
PdE: How many years did you start doing arts ? 
JB: I started doing art when I was a little kid, even before school. I was not too good of course, but the appreciation was present. During college there was a time I dropped out, and I did not do any art for years. I got my head screwed on straight a few years later, finished my degree, and began learning digital paint.
PdE: Do you work digitally or do you also paint ?
JB: Yeah, I work digitally. I also do some pencil work for myself to get an understanding of what I’m about to create. And to develop some personality for the characters. I don’t paint traditionally anymore unless its for someone personal.
PdE: What are your favorite theme ? Fantasy ? SF ? Or some else ?
JB: I love sci-fi most and post-war themes, some supernatural. I grew up on fantasy though.
PdE: Do you remember what you wanted to showcase with your vision of Elric ? How did you work on the composition ?
JB: The painting was a inspired by a random sketch I did. I thought it looked cool so I played around with it in Photoshop. I did not want a dynamic pose, just something static and descriptive, so I moved forward from there. 
I did not think too much about Elric’s design. I was happy with dragon scales and chain mail armor. I regret not painting Elric in black plate armor though. And his dragon helmet was something that was inspired by one of Yoshitaka Amano’s Final Fantasy paintings, actually. 
Also I wanted his sword Stormbringer to be in it, so I had to do additional sketches of the sword to look strong, dark and treacherous. It was painted side-ways on purpose to show its personality as well. 
Although if I were to paint them again, I would have Elric brooding over his relationship with Stormbinger somehow.
PdE: Which artists have influence on you ? 
JB: Yoshitaka Amano is really good. I still am inspired by how Amano’s art is so versatile, like for galleries, animation, games, prints and merchandise. I think when I got into digital painting Brad Rigney and Dave Rapoza were the ones I learned the most from. I try not to follow any specific artist’s style anymore. I’m kind of trying out some new things now, stuff that looks more painterly.
PdE: Is doing illustration your job, or do you have another profession ?
JB: Back in July, I actually had a day job for the past 9 years in the secured cards industry making proofs for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 
Right now I am freelance. I have been doing web art and cover art lately, and currently working on my own story between jobs. I really am open to any kind of painting projects or illustrations. I enjoy trying out new things.
PdE: Thank you, Josh.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Zenescope Comics Wonderland 48C

© 2016 Zenescope Entertainmen
Hey everybody! If you read Zenescope Comics, you'll be seeing another cover I was able to paint for them!
This was a bit different than my usual straight on angle. I wanted to push the depth of the image, creating more excitement, more dynamics. I was looking through some cosplays that people like to share online, and I came across one image of a girl wearing armor but had the feel I wanted for this cover. With the head kicked back and her body twisting, I could paint in this tweedle girl's pigtails hanging in the air as well.
So I created the sketch for this, along with another that was more of a traditional pin-up style, and after this one was Green-lighted I got to work and painted it all in. Since it was supposed to be like a pin-up I wanted it to have a more light-hearted feel so I used warmer colors and pinks, contrary to the darker colors normally used in horror. I think it turned out really well.
Stay alert for issue 48C Wonderland by Zenescope Entertainment comics!

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Monday, March 21, 2016


Hey everybody! I wanted to paint a Marvel character, and I chose Wolverine! I decided that his traditional yellow and blue colors would be great. I wanted to make him a bit retro but with leather and metal. Not so much a fan of spandex costumes. 
Also I chose to place Wolverine wandering around in western Canada. One of the first stories I read of Wolverine was him meeting Alpha Flight as he was tracking Wendigo. It made an impact on me. I've always liked the stories of hunting down monsters and beasts. Let me know if you like this painting. I could make more...

Josh Burns

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Wonderland 47C

© 2016 Zenescope Entertainment
Hey everybody! If you read Zenescope comics, you'll be seeing a cover I was able to paint for them! Its like Alice in Wonderland, but a bit dark and twisted. This cover design was a throw-back to the old style of covers that Zenescope used to have. It was definitely a fun painting to create! Keep an eye out for issue 47C Wonderland by Zenescope Entertainment comics!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Black Penny Corvus

Hey everybody!
So I have been working on my own characters for a while. This is Black Penny Corvus, a pirate girl. Building up a hefty map collection, she studies relics and artifacts, anything that might bring her more adventure. 
The 'value composition' isn't strong/dynamic enough, hence the flat look. I don't really feel the space that the library should have.
But as Dave Rapoza says "Nothing you do will ever be good enough, but get it done and move forward to the next thing. You'll eventually get pretty close".
All in all though I think the painting turned out nice. So many more characters to paint. Time to paint more quickly ^_^

Josh Burns
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Conan and Red Sonya

Hey everybody, here is a paint I have been working on lately. I have been wanting to paint Conan the Barbarian for some time, and I also decided to paint with him another famous barbarian, Red Sonya. What to do together.. a dragon hunt! I had this idea at first that they would be standing over a dead witch, but after I sketched this pose here I wanted something different. So we have them in the mountains to slay the dragon in the background.
This painting really pushed me to a level I haven't been painting at lately. I don't know how often I'm going to be painting whole characters like this though ^_^
I hope you enjoy it!

Cheers and God bless,
Josh Burns

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